BAM! And She's Back

Um this bitch is back.

This bitch doesn't want to talk about her business trip as she just got home and needs to just eat American Fast Food and drive in a big FAT SUV that guzzles gas.

Hope no one takes offense to my ignorance.


Good Gals Inc said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

You filthy American!

Please can we meet half way and maybe pick up Em in Hartford?

That'd be nice gurrfrend.

I'm happy you got home safe and sound.

(Minus the whole airport situation)

Shannon said...

Glad you're back :)

Robyn said...

Welcome back...hope you had a great time!

Just Moi said...

Well hello there beeotch!

I'm expecting lots of stories and scenerio's on the events that went on out there! Oh, and pics too!

Glad to hear your voice (lol) I missed your face so!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

hahahaha i love it!

Rouge said...

Welcome back!! American fast food seems to be the best way to relax after a long trip. I dont blame you one bit, in fact I envy your intelligence =)

Mommy In Pink said...

lol...sorry, but that was funny!