Worst Trends of the 90s - YUCK

80's fashion revival has monopolized the style world for a few years now. Things we vowed we'd never see again--Ray-Bans, neon, leggings--are suddenly de rigeur on the runways and on the streets. Need proof? Raise your hand if you're wearing a pair of skinny jeans right now.

Since fashion is cyclical and tends to repeat itself every 20 years, the next hot decade is destined to be those Nirvana-blasting, "Friends"-watching 1990's. But while some 90's styles are timelessly chic (Kurt Cobain immortalized flannel), here are some fashion fads that should stay locked in their rooms watching 90210 where they belong.

1. Crop tops

(pictured above)

This picture could be used to illustrate a multitude of things that were wrong with the 90's, but let's focus on the bared Spice midriffs. Britney's granite-hard abs and the popularity of belly button rings convinced us all that shirt lengths should be abbreviated and our navels accentuated. While bared midriffs looked cute on personal trainers and Christina Aguilera, this trend ended up being more than most people could stomach.

2. Pacifiers

In the early to mid-90's, it was inexplicably cool to wear pacifiers as accessories. Starting with the rave scene and then trickling into homeroom, the pacifier craze pervaded as women paired these toddler trademarks with babydoll dresses and called it a super-chic day. But looking back, there's only one thing to say about this trend: it sucked.

3. Skater style

Baggy pants, Vans sneakers, Stussy shirts. Cool 90's kids dressed like they were ready to board; actual skateboarding abilities not required. An outgrowth of grunge, skaterwear took sloppy to new lows as rocker kids sported hoodies and apparently Raged Against the Belt. Fashionable or not, no one wants to see your underwear. Ever.

4. Hair with a million things in it

If you went to prom in 1997 and your updo wasn't bedazzled with a thousand butterfly clips, you were probably the one skulking solo on the sidelines when "End of the Road" came on. Be it tiny braids, stick-on gems or cascades of crimping, hot 90's hair was all about embellishment and excess. Let's jettison the crazy-hair craze and toss out "The Rachel" with it.

5. Goth makeup

In 1997, Marilyn Manson terrified your mom and united sullen teenagers everywhere around Doc Martens, pasty white skin and self-indulgent rebellion against their suburban lifestyles. The Goth look took off, and suddenly everyone had rings in their eyebrows and people like Gwyneth Paltrow were turning up at award shows with vampy lips.

You can leave those chokers stashed in the back of the jewelry box, because hopefully Goth has gone the way of Manson's desperate-for-attention shock rock.

Is there anything I missed? Which of these trends is the worst? Which wouldn't you mind seeing revived?

What is a song that you can really relate to right now?

What is a song that you can really relate to right now?

At the risk of being disgustingly cliched, teenager-esque, and lovesick, I'm going to have to pick Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson.

I'm kind of in an unfamiliar place right now, having worked really hard to get myself into a position where I could open up and let someone in, where I could be close to someone, and where I could be physical with someone, so being in a position now where I'm watching it slowly but surely fade into the distance no matter what I try to do to stop it.

It's funny, because I hear myself talk about it, and I realize how stupid I sound. I feel like everyone is laughing at me for being so hung up on this guy, and I am ashamed that I pull the horrific teen excuse of "You just don't understand." But really, it was a rather atypical situation. That doesn't make it hurt any less. It doesn't make me stop wanting to tear my hair off my head in frustration, and it doesn't make me stop crying into my pillow at night. I keep it together in front of him, and in front of everyone I know almost all the time. I'm still clinging to some hope that I can fix things.

But I opened up, I let someone in, and now I'm trying to pick up all the pieces.

Feel free to use this question as a post topic if you are running short on content. OR tell me what song you really relate to in a comment!


BAM! And She's Back

Um this bitch is back.

This bitch doesn't want to talk about her business trip as she just got home and needs to just eat American Fast Food and drive in a big FAT SUV that guzzles gas.

Hope no one takes offense to my ignorance.


4 Weeks in Europe

Hey everybody!!

Sorry to be so M.I.A. but I was just "dubbed" project leader in my department at work and I will be spending 4 weeks in Europe! I am so excited and leaving on Sunday morning so I have LOTS of packing to do....

I will miss you and try and keep you updated - but I am going on an unofficial hiatus.

My workload is going to be out of this world so I hope I will be able to post something.

Europe here I come!!!!


Add My Friends: Champagne & Wings

Soooooo.... I convinced some friends to join blogspot, and their blogs are pathetic with a few posts and zero followers. I'm letting you know NOW that they are funny bitches and so here they are!! Love them squeeze them.

I convinced my friend Emily to sign up and she hasn't started one yet (hopefully tonight) but her cousin C-BABY that I never see except for family parties/graduations and so forth has created one and we used to be friends on MySpace - so add her! They both have been offline for a while, so I'm sure there is tons to talk bout!


Sexy Cigarettes

Smoking has certainly been long associated as a sexy activity, first populated by old Hollywood screen sirens and flashy cigarette advertisements. Growing up smoking was always presented to me as a harmful and cancer inducing activity, something to absolutely avoid.

Spending a lot of my weekend in Manhattan, I've found that smoking is considered a sexy, if not hip activity among young circles. As a social smoker myself, I am certain that I have been somewhat influenced by the local culture and those smoking around me.

Is this a terrible realization, or simply an understanding and acceptance of young culture? I like having the occasional cigarette, so I wonder if it is something to contemplate or simply to enjoy.

Have you found that smoking is sexy in your neighborhood? Do you feel that we need to re-debunk the myths and harms of nicotine? Or perhaps, like myself, you enjoy a cigarette from time to time and feel that it is nothing to be ashamed of? Please share your thoughts.


Product Review: The Diva Cup

So, a few days ago I discovered the Diva Cup, ordered it online, and recieved it right before my first period. I tried it out and here are my findings, I guess you could say this post is a little GRAPHIC, but I have had a vagina for 25 years, I will continue to have one, and quite frankly I am no afraid to talk about it. So LEARN! (Silly squeamish girls)

I’m serious about that… boys, you may want to bow out now. I’m going to be talking about periods, tampons, pads, and girly crap like that. So if you’re going to bitch and moan about it, then leave.

Well, honestly after I wrapped my brain around the fact that it’s actually not disgusting, that doesn’t sound too bad at all, now does it? Try not to jump to conclusions. It took me a good 24 hours of tossing this one around in my head to get myself to the point where I would even consider buying one. By the way, they cost about $35, which sounds pricey, but imagine never having to go out at midnight for supplies ever again? Maybe it’s worth considering…

I started researching it more and more. I googled things like “I hate the Diva Cup” and “Diva Cup sucks” because when I am researching a product, I like to know why people hated it. I checked out all the reviews on, and anywhere else I could think of, because I rarely trust the testimonials written on the company website. I have to be honest; I have had a very hard time finding people who didn’t like it. On top of that, the majority of the reviews I’ve read have said things like “this is the best product I’ve ever bought” or “I can’t believe I waited so long” or my favorite “I hardly notice I have a period anymore.” What the? I read lots of product reviews, and of all of them, the Diva Cup is probably getting the highest scores from its users.
So here are the results:

• It’s eco-friendly
• It’s cost effective (since 1 cup lasts up to 10 years, and you don’t need any other supplies during that time)
• It’s hypoallergenic and made of medical-grade silicone (the kind that’s used for heart valves, not boobs)
• You don’t have to change it as often as a tampon or a pad because it holds 1 oz and most women only bleed 2-3 oz the whole time
• You can’t feel it
• You can wear it swimming, running, doing yoga, kickboxing, or pretty much anything
• It’s entirely leak proof once you get it in right; no more messy strings, or ruined clothes/panties
• You can’t get toxic shock syndrome from it
• It doesn’t dry you out like a tampon does, because it doesn’t absorb all of your natural moisture. (Ew)
• It doesn’t get that disgusting “period” smell, and don’t lie, you all know what I’m talking about.

The main downfall to this thing is that you have to insert it correctly which involves putting your fingers into your vagina (some women are uncomfortable with this) and that it can be slightly tricky to install properly and then it does leak. It involves some kind of suction and you have to twist it once you get it in place, I think, and this might be what causes the problem for some women.

If you freak out easily, do not buy this product. There is no applicator, however it is completely comfortable once safely secure. So if you can’t deal with the insertion process, then stay away. But – I have to tell you with a busy schedule, the Diva Cup is great.

Razor Burn Out

So I have a confession to make. I am a long term sufferer of razor burn, I shower daily, try and exfoliate and moisturize regularly and still - bumps and ingrown hairs everywhere!

Yuck! Does anyone have any advice?


- the shaving products you use (I'll go pick it up and give my review)

- personal recommendations (wax/nair/razor?)

- secret tips?

- key ingredients?


I want sexy, shiny, smooth, bump free legs! Help a girl out!

Any response is fabulous, I need to solve this little beauty dilemna, so I'll post all of my findings and write a super post! Who wears short shorts? Not Elle. :(