Sexy Cigarettes

Smoking has certainly been long associated as a sexy activity, first populated by old Hollywood screen sirens and flashy cigarette advertisements. Growing up smoking was always presented to me as a harmful and cancer inducing activity, something to absolutely avoid.

Spending a lot of my weekend in Manhattan, I've found that smoking is considered a sexy, if not hip activity among young circles. As a social smoker myself, I am certain that I have been somewhat influenced by the local culture and those smoking around me.

Is this a terrible realization, or simply an understanding and acceptance of young culture? I like having the occasional cigarette, so I wonder if it is something to contemplate or simply to enjoy.

Have you found that smoking is sexy in your neighborhood? Do you feel that we need to re-debunk the myths and harms of nicotine? Or perhaps, like myself, you enjoy a cigarette from time to time and feel that it is nothing to be ashamed of? Please share your thoughts.


Practically Perfect... said...

Ooh, that's a tough one! I'm ashamed to admit it, but it used to be that I really didn't mind the smell of certain cigarettes. Then, I started working at a place where ALL of the patients smoke and smell like old cigarettes, and now it makes me sick. I don't smoke, and I'm a nurse, so of course my answer is going to be that even the occasional one is bad for you (hope you aren't offended by that!) But good question! Very thought-provoking!

Megs said...

I dunno... I personally think it's gross and definitely not sexy! It makes you smell, develop premature wrinkles and yellow teeth -- how's that sexy? And I live in Manhattan! I hope that our generation is much more body conscious and will stay away from behavior that we KNOW kills and causes so many horrible diseases. (Side note: I'm personally happy that Obama increased tobacco taxes in order to fund SCHIP)

Christina said...

I'm 28 and I've never smoked, anything...ever! I think it's a nasty habit and I won't date a guy who smokes.

In California, smoking is not considered cool or sexy. Well, in Los Angeles at least. Maybe is more accepted in the Hollywood "scene."

bri said...

smoking is definitely not sexy where i live (Vancouver). everyone here is very health conscious so to its sort of considered the opposite here i guess.

shalay said...

My parents never smoked. I've been raised to believe that smoking is disgusting. But yes, I am now a social smoker. I actually only smoke when I drink, and I don't imagine I'll ever become addicted, but I truly enjoy a cigarette after I've had a couple drinks. All of my husband's friends smoke, and he used to until I made him quit when we got married. I don't want my kids to have smokers as parents, sorry. But we both have a few cigarettes once in awhile. I think it's okay in moderation, but it's something I never want my future kids to see me do.

insomniaclolita said...

I live in Jakarta and it's considered sexy. I think in every big city it will be considered so. So many people do it and while some others roll their eyes over them. It's still a part of the culture.

Brooke said...

I used to smoke. And I liked it! I looked foward to it because it was my moment to step outside and unwind real quick.
but I quit, and I'll never go back!
I went out last weekend, and the next morning when I smelled my clothes, it just smelled like freakin' white trash. Thats what it made me think of. And now when I look over and see some pretty girl lift a cig. to her lip-glossey lips and proceed to SUCK ON IT?!
and suck on it THEN force the chemicals down into your lungs, then blow out the excess?
: D

Marina said...

Not going to lie. I really do think I look sexy when I'm smoking a cigarrete and enjoying a cocktail at the bar. Maybe it's the kind of image you're presenting that makes it sexy: You know it's bad for you, but you're still doing it. You don't care, you're not a goody goody, you're a risk taker. Personally I'm not a smoker. I have and sometimes light one up, but it's rare. It really does make me feel like an old hollywood star when I do. What I can't understand is how many who are on the non smoking team, find cigarretes disgusting and horrible for your health,but think it's accepetable to get sickingly drunk every weekend. When you think about it, pretty much everything is bad for you, even the lettuce you swallow for lunch (if not organic), the polluted air from the city, the harsh cleaning products....We're a generation of toxins, we're all intoxicated. A couple of fags now and then are irrelavent.

The Civilian said...

I don't think anywhere I've lived has it been considered sexy. Mainly I have lived in Salt Lake City Utah(home of the Mormons) and it's definitely not sexy there. However, for a lot of the people who leave the church it is a form of rebelion.

In north carolina in the Marines it was something everyone(but me) did. So not sexy, just expected.

In Iraq most of the locals smoke various plants, and it's not for the sexiness, it's to get high.

I personally don't think it's sexy, but that's probably because we're mostly a product of our environments. I do occasionally smoke cigars though.

Emerson Marks said...

Tell you what, there's nothing wrong with an occasionaly ciggie. Personally, I don't think one every now and then is bad for you and what's more it looks cool too.

In all seriousness I did pack in smoking some years ago. Twenty Bensons don't half make you feel like crap in the morning.

Remember, there's always the smoking pipe. It's bound to come back into fashion sooner or later.

Ruggy13 said...

I used to smoke every now and then and def thought it made me look cute! UNTIL I kissed a guy who just got done smoking a cigarette... I haven't smoked a cigarette since... maybe I'll just hold one lol