Razor Burn Out

So I have a confession to make. I am a long term sufferer of razor burn, I shower daily, try and exfoliate and moisturize regularly and still - bumps and ingrown hairs everywhere!

Yuck! Does anyone have any advice?


- the shaving products you use (I'll go pick it up and give my review)

- personal recommendations (wax/nair/razor?)

- secret tips?

- key ingredients?


I want sexy, shiny, smooth, bump free legs! Help a girl out!

Any response is fabulous, I need to solve this little beauty dilemna, so I'll post all of my findings and write a super post! Who wears short shorts? Not Elle. :(


Always Pretty in Pink said...

I love the Olay body wash that had the mosture ribbons in it. I use that instead of shavig cream. It works better for me. I also use a Venus razor.

Megs said...

have u tried waxing or laser hair removal?

shalay said...

Ok, I don't have advice for the legs, but I have this really bizarre tip for shaving your bikini line. I once knew this stripper (totally random) who swore by using a deodorant bar along your bikini line after shaving. I've done it for years, I use Teen Spirit, and I never get shave bumps there anymore! It's kinda funny.

thatgirl said...

I have no luck here. I'm just like you and always get bumps. Just in a couple spots though. Ew.

Shalay - I heard the same thing too, and from a stripper!! lol It works great!

Jamie said...

I put some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and rub that on razor burn. Then I put on some cortizone cream that has aloe in it. This always works for me.

Also, if you are using disposable razors, how often do you change them?

Hope this helps!

Elle said...

AlwaysPretty- I have the pink Olay Ribbon body wash in my shower right now! I'll try it out!

Megs- I haven't ever tried because My budget's very tight right now so no laser removal, and I'm a little p*ssy ( sorry about the vulgarity, though it might be appropriate considering the topic? lol ) about waxing the legs/bikini area.

Shalay- I love that that tip came from a stripper. They are people too!! I love it!

Jamie- I'll try it out, and right now I'm using the men's Schick Quatro! LOLOL.

Girl On A Journey said...

I so totally just gave u a blog award! sto by to pick up

Sara said...

I use Aveeno in shower moisturizer and it works really well after shaving. Also, Tend Skin is good, but it stings.

insomniaclolita said...

I'm not really good at it myself. If it's urgent though, I go to a waxing salon. That might help.

Lulu said...

(Sorry in advance for the novel here... haha) I get the *WORST* razor burn... Constantly. I'm SO right there with you, girl... Have just never been that smooth and shiny girl like so many of my friends... Here are a few of my tips- ALWAYS have your bikini line waxed. Always. I can't tell you how much this has changed my life, as well as avoided the uncomfortable razor burn at the bikini line. For legs, these are some of the changes I've made, which have really helped: I use a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner as a shave gel, which gives me the combo of moisture and a little suds action. I change my razor blade every 3-4 shaves, to prevent dull blade irritation. I goop up my legs with lotion right after the shower (to get max moisture absorption). I also goop up before bed, so they can moisturize while I sleep. The last I'd recommend is to make a homemade TendSkin recipe? It's the same as the ingrown prevention you can buy at a waxing salon, but for like 1/8th the price. Let me know if you're interested (and not allergic to aspirin), and I can send it your way.
Good luck!

Brooke said...

I always have this problem on my woman part and my underarms, and the areas that bump the most I just have to always use a fresh razor on it, with an oily body wash (that olay ribons stuff probably would be perfect!) but, for me, the only thing that really keeps my skin super soft and pretty is to try my best to skip shaving sometimes! I know it sucks...but...if you can go ahead and rough it, its worth it.
for instance...if you know you CAN wear pants for a couple of days, and you can wear cute tights/trouser socks under them (to cover your ankles) try to wait. Then, after about 3 days, when you do shave, lather up and use a brand new razor, and while your legs are still wet slather baby oil on them - and your skin will look perfect.
Like, if you know you are going to wear a dress on friday, try to not shave Tues. Wed. or Thurs...then shave on Friday morning.
Its the same with overworked hair, skin, or anything...sometimes it just needs a break : )