Add My Friends: Champagne & Wings

Soooooo.... I convinced some friends to join blogspot, and their blogs are pathetic with a few posts and zero followers. I'm letting you know NOW that they are funny bitches and so here they are!! Love them squeeze them.

I convinced my friend Emily to sign up and she hasn't started one yet (hopefully tonight) but her cousin C-BABY that I never see except for family parties/graduations and so forth has created one and we used to be friends on MySpace - so add her! They both have been offline for a while, so I'm sure there is tons to talk bout!


Rosemarie said...

So I was curious (or nosey if you will) and checked out your friends blog. Turns out, I know her!

Small world!

Robyn said...

I will def. check them out. I love new bloggers!

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award, check out my blog.