Let's Talk About Sex

Here are some interesting/disturbing/titilating facts about S-E-X. Think you know it all? Use these for small-talk or to better strategize your love life!

What you Don’t Know about .... Porno.

- There are over 4.2 million porn websites in the world.

- In 1995 American Gary Kremen secured the rights for the domain He sold the rights in 2006 for 14 million dollars.

- People who regularly watch pornos find their partners in real life increasingly less sexy, regardless of how attractive they are. (Zillmann/Bryant)

The Truth About Men

- Three out of four men fantasize about their work colleagues. (Playboy)

- 72 percent of men get a complex when they see the good looking men on the cover pages of magazines.

- 73 percent of men are still potent at the age of 70.

- The internet site asked its readers whether, if it was legal, they would like to have two wives. 29 percent said yes.

- Only one in six men give their girlfriends or wives underwear.

- Men who help with housework have better sex. (Riverside University)

- One in twenty men has fallen asleep during sex. (FHM)

God Bless America!

- Amercians have the most sex, at 132 times a year. ( Durex)

- Sex lasts an average of 17.6 minutes for Americans.

- 16 percent of young Americans have had sex as an act of revenge.

The History of “Sexy Time”

- When the Egyptians destroyed Libya in the 13th century B.C. they took 13.230 penises of the conquered enemies as trophies

- A group of students were shown pictures of couples having sex. At the same time scientists recorded what part of the pictures the test subjects looked at first. The men more often looked at the women's faces, whereas the women tended to focus their attention on the genitals. Only women who were on the pill focused on the way the room was decorated. (Kinsey Institute)

- Around 100 B.C. in Babylon all women had to go to the temple of the Fertility Godess Mylitta to have sex with a stranger. Only then were the women allowed to marry. The stranger, in return, had to donate money to the temple. (The History of Prostitution)

- The first condoms were made from sheep intestines and other animal membranes.

Some Truths About the Ladies

- 41 percent of women have fantasized about having sex with two men at the same time. (Review of general psychology)

- The tip of the clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings - more than anywhere else on the human body. In comparison: A penis only has 4000. (Cosmpolitan)

- 90 percent of all women have faked an orgasm. (Charite)

- On average women have 11 bras in their drawer and 22 panties. (IMAS)

- Ninety percent of women would choose a hug over sex.

- Visuals are very important for men during sex. Emotions and touch are what count for women (Eli LIlly/Ipsos Sante)

- 31 percent of women think that men chould be a little rougher with them in bed. (GQ)

- Straight women get just as turned on watching two women having sex as by watching a man and a woman having sex.

- Three percent of women plan household chores while having sex. (TNS-Emnid/Lisa)

Other Facts & Figures

- Seven out of ten people kiss with their nose to the right.

- A few strange desires: Plushophilia = sexual attraction to soft toys. Dendrophilia = sexual attraction to trees. Staturphilia = sexual attraction to statues.

- The most condoms are sold in July and August. (The Book pf Sex Lists)

- A single sperm has to wiggle its tail 800 times to move forward one centimetre. (BZGA)

- A study in New Zealand revealed that young women with piercings (besides earrings) change sexual partners more often than other women. (University of Otago Medical School)

- Sexsomnia is the term US scientists use for people who perform sexual activities unconciously during sleep. The spectrum ranges from masturbation to sexual intercourse - in the event that the sexsomnia patient comes across a partner.

- About 80 percent of the sexsomnia cases occur with men. (Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine)

- In an international survey Germans ranked as the worst lovers in the world becuase they only think about their own pleasure in bed. Also not too popular were Turks (too sweaty), Swedes (too quick), Dutch (too rough), Americans (too dominating), British (too fat) and Russians (too hairy). The winners, again, were the Italians.

- People have a tendency to choose partners whose body fat percentage is similar to their own. (Rowett Research Institute)

- Certain foods are said to be good for boosting ones sex life: lean meat, oysters, grains, wheat, seafood.

- Men have about nine erections during a night's sleep - regardless of what they dream.

- Sexual intercourse takes place about 2778 times around the world every 5 seconds.

See, now that you visited my blog, even if you didn't enjoy it, you can say you at least learned something!



d.a.r. said...

Haha! What a fun and educational post :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hahahah, this was great! Did you compile all of this info yourself, because it's awesome!

Jamie said...

such an interesting/educational post!

Sara said...

How interesting and informative. I didn't know most of this.

Good Gals Inc said...

This was a great post!!!! Love all the fun facts, many of which are SOOOO true!

insomniaclolita said...

I have so much to learn in a post lol

Rosemarie said...

Too bad I don't really enjoy oysters. :)

For the international survey, I knew Italians do it best! lol

I hope I don't know anyone who has Dendrophilia or Staturphilia!

Princess Mina said...

This was very interesting. It's funny that some women plan household chores during sex! Just laying there looking at the ceiling thinking man I really need to dust around here, I'll dust that tomorrow at noon before I clean the carpets. Lol. And I think ALL women have faked it at least, they just don't admit it or they are virgins lol.