Men as Accessories

There are many social opportunities in a twenty something’s life during which it is fitting, even REQUIRED, to bring along a date. I have finally admitted to myself that at times, in these situations, I have employed men as an accessory to my ensemble, as my perceived facade for that evening.

Please do not attempt to argue that the man on your arm says as much about you to the rest of the room as your well thought out handbag. Walk with me on this one, *want a drink?* if I'm going to a friend's rock concert out in Brooklyn, I am not going to wear my Louis Vuitton monogram bag or bring a man that is dressed in buttoned up Ralph Lauren with a hint of Tommy Bahama cologne that only rich people like to smell. Rather, I'll opt for a retro vintage purse and man in tight jeans that hugs the booty perfectly and Converse sneakers for starters.

It’s not a sin. The greatest and most intriguing part of the fun of both fashion and dating is the ability to try new things: the funky chartreuse heels and the new mysterious dark haired boy.

This I believe is becoming especially true as men's interest in fashion has become more mainstream and relevant. It is important to consider his look and wardrobe and how it compliments your own.

All-American and Fresh, Wholesome, Pure, Romantic

Rocker/BadAss/Sexy - Trendy, I Do What I Want, F*#k You Confidence

White Trash (Just as there are fashion flops, there are man accessory flops).

Okay, so it doesn't look that great. But there are some women who can make a potato sack look sexy. Christina happens to be the kind of woman to be able to pull off her husband Jordan and still look sexy.

Brad is Pitt is the handbag equivalent of a one of a kind diamond studded white alligator Chanel bag with a white gold link strap. (Phew HOT)The ultimate accessory


Here's My IDEAL Lineup:

European Getaway Accessory

Baseball Game Accessory

Rock Concert Accessory

Night Club Accessory (Pre-Rihanna Beating)

Cozy Little Bistro Accesory

So what do you think -- is it absolutely terrible to at times consider men as accessories? Or it is simply a single girl having a little fun and considering her perceived fashion persona? Tell me about the man that was the best accessory to compliment your style thus far.

Oooh! And Give me your accessory lineup or let me know if you get hot and bothered when you see these cuties!


Good Gals Inc said...

When I was single I had one or two events that I HAD to have a date for, didn't care who they were. So I am guilty of using men as an accessory!! SO I understand!!

insomniaclolita said...

hahaha im guilty!!:P and brad pitt is the ultimate accesory. I agree :P

Anonymous said...

My lineup:
European Getaway: Orlando Bloom
Baseball/Football Accessory: Nick Lachey
Rock Concert Accessory: David Cook
Night Club Accessory: Justin Timberlake
Country Concert Accessory: Dierks Bentley
Cozy Little Bistro Accessory: Jake Gyllenhaal

(PS I so might steal this idea for my blog. lol Cute idea!)

Cheryl said...

James Franco.
I love him .. and he'll never know..

Lion-ess said...

love this post!!
the freedom to choose and have fun!!

Ellegant said...

Adam Levine says it all for me. He can be rock band, wedding date, baseball game date, mini golfing date, work holiday party date... hehe, I'm obsessed.

But I like where you're going with this idea. Mancessory...I like it!

Charis said...

Um, yes men can TOTALLY be accessories. I was accessory - ONLY until T change my mind. Now he's the perfect one - classic, timeless, with clean lines and a chiseled jaw. And when it's rock concert time, he grows a sexy scruff.

But before that, I'd change em out like socks. Nothing at all wrong with that ("objectify them! They LIKE it!" used to be my mantra ;) )

Classy in Philadelphia said...


Anonymous said...

I think that we share similar tastes in men, I mean accesories :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say, my must have accessory that I wear everywhere would be Chase Crawford off of Gossip Girls. Mmm yummy

I love your blog! It's candid and I keep on reading when I'm supposed to be productive. I linked it on mine...I hope you don't mind!