He Kissed ME!

The snow messed up my plans! Oh, What's a girl to do! When...

*Knock Knock* (Thank God I was dressed) My prince! On his royal white steed! No- there in his adorable Timberlands with a coffee from Dunkin and the most adorable smile on his face! Those eyes, those tattoos, that smile, those muscles!

He came in, we watched part of the movie Clue and flipped around the telly (wish I was British and could really say that) and we laughed and updated each other on the past week or so.

Ahhh! He saved the day! In the simplest sweetest way! So I got my cuddles, I got some caffiene (amidst a blizzard) Now he has to get going, in no way shape or form was he spending the night at my place! He isn't that lucky!

So I walk him to the door and we say our goodbyes - he turns around to walk away - AND THEN "Just one more thing" .... and then ( I know RIGHT! )... oh my god. THEN! I recieved the most wonderful, blood rushing, make my knees weak, hair stand on end plant on the lips! (Thank God I slept with medicated chapstick on last night! The wind and cold is ruining my pout!)

A kiss in the snow! A kiss from HIM! My God it was SO much better than I ever thought it could ever be! He nibbled he sucked he teased, he held me so tight! Then slowly released his superhero grasp from around my waist, rubbed my friggen nose with his! (Um eskimo kissed already? That's honeymoon play!) And told me to have a good night! NO SHIT IM GONNA HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!

I'm sorry if this post is a bit ambiguous or scatter brained. He kissed ME! I feel like I'm 14 years old!

I can't type right now! I have to go perform a whole multitude of chick flick cliches and jump up and down, then take a huge deep breath and smile, and fall back on my bed gracefully thinking about his warm touch and that candy tongue and those eyes!

'Scuse me - I have to go cool down! In case my description wasn't good enough, watch the video beloq. These kisses are *comparable* but nothing NEAR what I have just experienced. A little melodramatic you say? - So SUE ME! My blog, my feelings. It was good! Damn good.


Sweet Nothings said...

aw how exciting

Rosemarie said...

DAMN GIRLFRIEND! Yummy yum-ness. Tasty deliciousness midst Winter Wonderland!

Just make sure that when you falls backwards onto your bed.. you miss your labtop because if I don't get an update about Mr. Tattoo's I'm going to be so P-O'ed! (tattoo's are so freaking sexy)

Oh, and you ssooo look like Belle! lol

Shasta said...

I am loving your very charming blog. Is the pic of the amazing shoe closet, YOUR collection? It is TDF.

I also take my shoes and bags VERY seriously. I am so excited to follow your sassy blog!

Elle said...

To: Sweet Nothings

Yes Girl! Exciting in every definition!

To: Rosemarie

We will not joke about laptops being broken! I just started this blog and it's now this new drug I am feening for!! Could you imagine the horror!

And YUM - I want to keep this blog PG-13 .. unless there is something INCREDIBLY noteworthy

And thank you!! Ahh to be a Disney Princess!

To: Shasta

New follower! Well hey isn't that the greatest! Thanks so much! Shoes.... Purses.... I think I need a cigarette!

ASC said...

It's fantastic!! I am very ready to live vicariously through this fabulous often, please!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Awwww! This is adorable. I am seriously happy for you over here and I can feel your excitement. Now, to find me one of those boys..