Wanted: BLOGGER Girlfriends

Thanks to the eagerness of my new blogger friend, Rosemarie (Check out the blog, Intelligent and Funny - Side Note: My Favorite Combo) I realized that my comments are not enabled. Of course my world came crashing down and I frantically googled and googled until the necessary alterations had been made.

So, I know you were all beside yourselves because you couldn't comment - I'm kidding - I am offering to the ENTIRE World Wide Web a little piece of my heart and soul and opening up to you guys. (Oh GAWD, Should I really have put my real picture up?)

I created a blog because I am running a little low on good influence and good girlfriends in my life. I was recently dumped (recently meaning 9 months ago and I'm still losing LOTS of well needed/deserved beauty rest over him) and my world fell apart. Consequently, I lost my best friend over this break up (his cousin Christina) because of the complete and utter shittiness that is my luck.

I'm looking to REALLY get to know you guys, if you'll have me *blushes* and commit to giving my followers/favorite blogs my God's honest and ever stylish and savvy opinions and advice and I hope you'll do the same for me because I really do need it. I was a little hesitant to put this all up here and have ZERO response, but as my Mommy always said, they don't like you because they are jealous, or NOT. So please introduce yourself. Or follow me, or from time to time check in and see what trouble I am getting myself into. I promise you, I will be a loving committed BLOGGER GIRLFRIEND and won't judge you if you are wearing no makeup or fart or get a little emotional.

The whole point to blogging is real emotion, and there is nothing in this world that I respect more than someone's God's honest emotion.


Back to ME!

I got an invitation to go to my new love interest's condo and watch movies and cuddle tonight (maybe get snowed in? Expecting 2-4 inches!). I'm a little nervous- this guy gives me legitimate butterflies in the belly and makes me laugh so hard that I have to pee. Can you imagine he looks at me all doe eyed and then cracks a funny joke? I'll be so overwhelmed by butterflies and his charming and sexy comedy that I have to RUN TO THE BATHROOM, he'll think I have some weird bladder problem or that I am crazy and it will all go up in flames.

Side Note: I am a HYPOMANDRIAC. Meaning ever since I got out of my last relationship (you can tell I am SO not over this) everything that could go wrong will go wrong and I need to make sure it doesn't happen or look it up online.

PHEW wish me luck. The legs are shaved to perfection and I have some cute new lounge clothes from Victoria's Secret. Time to show HIM who's BOSS! (And an adorable boss at that!)


ASC said...

I'm glad your comments are working! I tried to comment yesterday on your post but it wasn't up and running yet. Good Luck tonight! Looking forward to hearing the follow up =)

Rosemarie said...

Elle Marie you are the breast (I mean best! lol) Thanks for shouting-me-out! You're so sassy and I LOvers it!

And the whole ex situation is fart-tarded! I'm kinda in the same situation. I was with my ex for 4 years and became bestest-ever-friends with his sister. And now he doesn't want us talking! Bull-fukcing-shit!

Where in CT are you? I'm 15 minutes from Danbury...

Elle said...

I'm in Bridgeport!!! Whoa!

Grr.. I mean I don't REALLY want to get into it after an entire night of dreaming about how miserable I am - bc he is happy?

The funny thing is that he met "the new girl" in Las Vegas, and then took her to the Bahamas a month after they started "dating".

Way to rush things!

But- I feel for you, it blows because I used to have my family and friends kind of merged together, and I have to hear about how 'wonderful' she is and of course my replacement and his cousin are becoming friends. (Gag me)

Elle said...

Whew- that is ALL for another post! So rude of me. And you are the TITS! ( I mean shit) LOL Thinking on my toes?

Hollie said...

just found your blog through house of rose and wanted to say hi!

your 'about me' section made me crack up and i'm looking forward to reading more!

Tenacious Tess said...

Memories of the past cast long shadows onto the future. Even though it's hard to do you must learn to completely shut the last bad relationship out and focus on the new one to give it a fair chance. Baggage should be left at the door, whether or not something goes wrong or doesn't shouldn't be influenced by even a glimpse of a past sour relationship. If you aren't at the point you can do this then you might not be ready to date. Have a big all night cry out over your lost love, let it all out, tell yourself this is the last time you are going to waste any energy holding on to this failed relationship's influence on you or potential future loves, and upon waking the next morning promise yourself that today is a clean slate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment, it was sweet!

That sounds like so much fun and it sounds like you really like him!

Elle said...

To: Tess

Do you have to make so much sense? Thanks for the advice, It's is TRULY appreciated.

To: Park Ave Princess

I do!! Wish me luck! Hope to hear from you again!

Hugs & Kisses!

Shasta said...

yay! Comments are working. I am so excited, I would love to be a blogger girlfriend. GF's are so important! Can't wait to hear updates on the new love interest.

adlibby said...

Well, I'll give Tess props for being correct about the long shadows the past can cast... but I'll be damned if I know how to lose that baggage on cue. I was married for a couple of years to my now hubby before I was able to shake the ghost of He who came before. What a grip that one had!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Sorry for my millions of comments. I'm just getting all caught up! As I said before, I think you are so cute and I love the way you write.

I just got out of a LONGG relationship too (and by just got out of I mean 6 months ago, though it feels like yesterday!) so I understand what you're going through!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Oh, and also, I'm not sure if you're a member of the 20 something bloggers community (I didn't see the little badge thing on your page) but it's a great way to meet awesome people, find other blogs, and get tons of readers. So many people found my blog through the site, and I found a million awesome ones! Definitely google it and make a profile! Or if you already have one, then friend me :)

elyse said...

just found your blog and it seems like its going to be a good one ;) good luck with loverboy, keep us updated!