The Power of a Quickie: Widgets

Feeling inadequate, like you aren't getting the blog traffic you KNOW you deserve? I mean after all - you are the funniest, most charming, insightful and ever-changing blogger out there! These quick changes/additions can boost your blogging ego - which can lead to better content! - or encourage Browsers to pitch a tent and soak up every juicy word you write!

I found some great websites ladies & gents! And would I be the ELLE that you all know and love if I hoarded such fantastic secrets? It's time to PIMP YOUR BLOG if you haven't already.

Just doing my job!

Widgets are the small boxes on the right or left column of your blog that you drag & drop when editing, and can range from your profile info, to slideshows, to a list of followers etc.

I was Google-ing (a favorite past time of mine)widgets and my personal favorites would have to include:

1. Top Commenters - Newly Added to the blog of "yours truly" and I feel as if this widget really gives back to the community, it's all about the people after all! HAH Just kidding - It lists the top commenters overall of your blog. A little pat on the tush for those e-friends who have commented on even the most boring and pathetic posts you have decided to write. Give back! Use this widget!

2. Top Commented Posts - Another widget, similar to the little widgie listed above, however it gives you the opportunity to say to the blog community, "Ooooh This my Shit, This my Shit! This stuff is the talk of the town". That way if you lose your 'edge' like some One hit Wonder - people will still remember your awesome post.

3. Label Clouds - Keywords/Tags/Labels, the words you list in the text area below your post to "stereotype" your post and assign it its' "table at lunch" - if you will - is a great opportunity to let bloggers BROWSE your blog. I have a widget like this, however it is listed in alphabetical order. Installing this widget would list your labels in paragraph form in different sizes for a more abstract look! Instructions for installation are included at the link provided.

4. Baby Countdown - For all you Mommy's to be, this Widget is a countdown to your due date. (However I find the widget to be a little graphically invasive, it is a floating fetus in a womb). Um, moving on!

5. Music Player - Very minimal, not tacky at all! I highly reccomend if you are looking to provide a soundtrack to your life!

Look out for "The Power of a Quickie: Blogger Editions" that I will post for your enjoyment. A pretty blog community is a HAPPY blog community.


Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Oh, I love that top commentors one and had forgotten about it. I just spent the morning cleaning up my sidebars, but I just can't resist all the cool widgets out there!

I'd like a music player.... but they really piss some people off. :( At least according to some grumps that I follow on twitter. :)

Elle said...

Forget the grumps! If you wanna jam - You JAM!

I can't ever resist a good widget either! I find myself having to clean up 'widget clutter' .. I mean honestly... like I really need more clutter in my life!

ASC said...

How fun...I'm off to find some great widgets now. My blog's fairly sad at the moment so hopefully this will help. Thanks for the heads up!

P.S. how was your movie date night??

adlibby said...

It took me all of 30 seconds to LOVE you! Thanks for these blogging tips. Now I have to go read all the rest of your posts!


June Saville said...

Hi Elle
Thanks for dropping into my blog and following ...
Good to visit. I can't quite come to terms with your profile pic and the 'bad girl' of your blog header. We'll see ...
June in Oz

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing..I've been wondering who my top commenters are!