Can you Help me Carry this Drink?

I went bowling last night with a couple friends and there was a guy there that my friend thought was cute. She wanted him to come sit with us but she wouldn't go talk to him and our other friend thought it would be awkward since he is a male. So I was like fuck it. I'll do it. I walked up to dude, tapped him on the shoulder and I said "Hey, your balls must weigh a ton." Needless to say, that line didn't work. So much for being classy.

Aren't there any men out there with a man's sense of humor?

I am a firm believer in going out and getting what I want. Who says women can't use pick up lines? Well no one- I guess next time I will steer clear of referencing 'balls' when I'm trying to strike up a conversation.

So how about... "If you could read my thoughts, you would marry me tomorrow" or "You look like you are really big. Can you help me carry this drink?" My favorite, "Hi". Doesn't take much to pick up a guy. The biggest problem I have with being so 'sexually proactive' is that women like me are often labeled as 'slutty' when we don't even go home with the guy we are talking to, but the fact that we actually have the courage to flirt and giggle and make interesting conversation is purely enough to accuse us of such horrible crimes!! I know, classic double standard, I guess I have just always been a go getter. I guess I always know what I want. I think more than anything I'd rather be talking to someone who looks interesting, has an inner light of confidence and someone who I noticed right away - rather than wait for some Average Joe to come over and ask me what my sign is or if he can buy me a drink. No - thanks.

Any qualms against hitting on a man? Come on ladies this is the 21st Century- Grab your drink and your clutch and sound off!

Any interesting/painfully embarassing (see mine above) experiences trying to pick up a sexy stud? Ever felt like you were looked at differently for being so ferociously fierce?


Tenacious Tess said...

I have had absolutely no luck at ever being the one to make the first move and hit on a man. Alot of men out there are put off by it, either because they are assuming the woman is a slut or bold and assertive which isn't a quality they are looking for. I hate the little cat and mouse game as well, I like to just go after what or whomever I want, life is too short not too but alas, it has never worked to my favor as far as coming on to a man myself. So as cliche as it is and as modern as many men claim to be the old adage still apparently stands, the man pursues the woman.

Elle said...

To: Tenacious Tess

1. I'd like to raise my glass to you for putting on your big girl panties and going after what you want! After all, you never know until you try.

I am however getting more and more frustrated by men who feel as if certain things just are the way they are, and it's a man's job!

But who doesn't like being swept off their feet? It just is a little aggravating when you see something you like, wait patiently for them to approach, then realize that the only thing they are scanning for in the room is boobs or a flashing light that you're easy.

Whatever happened to good conversation?