Valentine's Day: Through a Man's Eyes

Valentine's Day is coming up and I for one am going to be anti-mush this 14th of February. Romance is special, and sweet and okay, but BEWARE: I am a firm believer that there is a level of mush that no one should ever have to go through.

Chicks. Why do we get so gush when it comes to celebrarting milestones or holidays or even simple romantic moments? Most men don't. (There are a few out there that thrive of this sort of thing, however when you meet them you generally don't want the romance anymore) In our heads, we choreograph every little move and try and put love and devotion into every napkin ring, and then he asks if we can watch TV while we eat.

Well guess what. MAYBE- our motive for cooking that romantic feast should be to make yourself happy by doing something kind and creating a fantastic evening for the two of you to have - not to win his adoration or score a bracelet!

So Valentine's Day. I want all you single ladies with a special guy in mind for that day, or all you happily taken broads (jealous) to heed this well thought out advice.

MEN ARE ALLERGIC TO ALL THINGS PINK AND HEART SHAPED. So don't have a mood swing when he doesn't go totally overboard with a Cupid Themed bedroom. Guys also are under a lot of friggen pressure this day. Think about it like this. Imagine March 12th was "St. PornStar Day". Could you imagine how much we would resent the male race? If we had to, and I would like to stress the word HAD, give him the most dirty-talking sexcapade wearing the most uncomfortable neglige that you could find, and IT WAS EXPECTED.

I know it's a stretch, but don't we want to show each other how much we care on our own schedule in our own way?

If you are hell-bent on hearts and flowers, please let him know it, rather than expecting him to guess exactly what you have been day dreaming about. Or maybe we should be the powerful felines that we are and perhaps tell him that WE are going to go here, alleviiating some of his stress and allowing him to personalize the rest of the night, according to HIS style.


The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

Good stuff! And so true.

Megs said...

I'm in total agreement with most people that Vday is overrated and that it's important to show significant others love everyday and not just on a Hallmark-endorsed holiday. However, I also don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating the holiday -- i.e. going out to dinner with a boyfriend, exchanging cards, etc.
The reality is that most couples are so hectic with work and real life chaos that they don't take time out to appreciate their significant other -- that's where VDay can be beneficial. At least it makes a couple take a time out from their hectic lives, get a a babysitter, go out to dinner, and have a romantic evening.
I agree with you that a guy shouldn't be expected to come up with an extravagant evening replete with dozens of rose petals etc. -- we all know that guys can't read girlfriends' minds.
However, I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating the holiday if it doesn't get blown out of proportion. --What's wrong with finding an excuse to have a romantic evening? I don't see anything wrong with it haha.

Elle said...

Very good point! Thanks for your response! I am in complete agreement. However when you aren't lucky enough to be in a steady relationship - or you just happen to be dating someone casually, there shouldn't be such a rush to make plans. It is just a day after all.

And I think we forget men are actually a different breed of human! LOL

Milltini said...

Great post. I personally think Valentine's Day is a fine holiday, but nothing to go overboard on. What really makes a difference to me is the little stuff, the everyday stuff...

Ruggy13 said...

Very good point! I've never been one to get crazy on the day. Especially since the fact that guys are so hard to shop for on Valentines day. I mean what do we get them? It's sketched in stone that guys should get us flowers and chocolate... I don't even like chocolate and I actually told my hubby last week not to get me any kind of candy because i'm getting chunky. lol instead we decided to make dinner together and watch or go to a movie... i think..

good points!

Mommy In Pink said...

well said!

Ashley said...

You go girl! I totally agree with everything above!

Julian Meteor said...

Valentine's is a TOTAL waste of time.
I have NEVER had a long-term girlfriend though.
I DID go out with a girl once for about THREE weeks; she was GREAT looking, funny, RICH, slim, TOLERANT, GREAT social skills and VERY popular, but I had to dump her cos she wasn't good enough for me.

Dr Zibbs said...

So I'm reading that you would like an iron as a present?

Nikola said...

Valentine's day is COMPLETELY overrated. Especially when you're single. PLUS, I've had an experience when I go into a relationship ON Valentine's day... SO not a good idea.

I'm just gonna sleep through it this year.

BTW, great blog, I'm definitely following!

Wendy said...

Yay, I loved this post. I wouldn't really go so far to say I am "anti-Vday", but maybe close.

My husband and I don't celebrate it. (My idea.) I just feel so bad that day when I go into the store and see scores of men wandering around with dazed and confused or stressed looks on their faces trying to guess if they are doing the right thing. The anticipation of "not getting it right" or being judged or whatever. It seems like too much pressure. How can this be a fun day?

And then the whole thing about the next day, women talking about what they did, what they got, etc. The comparing, the complaining, the bragging.

If it works well for you, fabulous. I think in theory it's a fun idea -- the same basic principles of the anniversary celebration. But it seems like there's so much awkwardness and discomfort that can be generated that day too. We just take the easy way out and skip the whole thing. Whew.

Cheryl said...

I'm allergic to all things pink and heart shaped.