A Little In-shape-spiration

There isn't much to this post, other than my January 9th Resolution is to look as smokin' as my favorite funny hunny, Jenny McCarthy. DAMN GIRL! Autism awareness, mother, girlfriend, and that bod?

Anyone want to take a run with me?


Chanel Fashionista said...

cute blog! oh yes, jenny mccarthy looks fab. she makes me never want to eat! haha

adlibby said...

if she wasn't so foul-mouthed and hilarious, I'd have to hate her. But I just can't! She kills me! Have you read any of her books? The pre-mommy days one... I laughed so hard at her description of pooping her pants while modeling at an auto show... she lays it all out there. I love that!

Elle said...

Adlibby- THANKS for the book recommendation! I will make a trip to a bookstore tomorrow at lunch! LOL