No, I am NOT High Maitenance. Wait, Yes...

I'm not sure if it is only me, but there are just certain days that I think to myself, "Wow, I am a complete and total mess and I gained 5 pounds" and then I see some stupid beauty commercial, or advertisements for the Miss America Beauty Pageant. I am not that girl! I don't think if I quit my job and had unlimited resources, that I could possible perfect every little trait in my appearance/mannerism/presentation. WELL DUH! Of course no one is perfect Elle!

I know that.

You know that. This isn't my point.

Aren't there just some days where you beat yourself over the head for 'letting yourself go' too soon, or not being up to par. It seems like as I try and tackle more and more, I have less time for me- but I think it's okay. My physical appearance isn't a top priority, it's important, but when I see some women at work or school I think to myself - how much energy must they invest to look the way they do? I barely get 20 minutes on the elliptical.

So here are somethings that I found that appear to be "going against" the high-maitenance expectations that Cosmopolitan expects us to be...

1. 29 % of women go barefaced! No makeup. All natural. Oh la la! It's time that we strip of all the cakey makeup and look the way God intended us to. Makeup is supposed to 'accentuate' not hide.

2. Washing your hair daily is unnecessary. So clip it up if you have to when you're in the shower and then use that grittiness to achieve volume or curl the next day. (In no way am I condoning skipping a shower! LOL)

3. Ever feel like you walked out of the house, and ooh, ouch, just didn't get it right? 66% of women admit to primping in public - from reapplying makeup to fixing hair to some creative new way to wear your jewelry - don't be afraid to achieve your look on the go!

4. 76% of women skip the bikini wax and dilligently and delicately use a razor. Waxing hurts. A lot. Use sparingly. Drink heavily before hand.

5. Cutting your own hair! Come on girls, we know that we have all seen our hairdresser cut our hair the same way for years!! Try it out yourself. 68% of women at home cut their own hair. However, warning, if you are nervous at all - do not attempt - and if you are just generally bad with scissors.... please don't say I encourage you do to this.

6. Half of women say they are more comfortable with their appearance now than they were in the past. Thiry's are the new Twenty's anyway! Oh, I have so much time to age elegantly like a nice pinot noir.

Some other interesting numbers

See how you match up to the nation's "beauty average"

[ 5 ] Average number of times a woman looks at her face in the mirror each day.

[ 42 ] Amount, in dollars, most women spend on a basic haircut.

[ 49 ] Minutes a typical young woman puts into her looks, daily.

[ 23 ] Average amount, in dollars, a woman pays for a manicure.

[ 81 ] Percent of women who believe beauty is too narrowly defined as appearance

Not sure if my shoe obsession, and nazi- like skin care regimen earn me the title of High Matienance. I am a guilty sweats lover, but if I could I would wear Bottega Venetta pencil skirts to work everyday dripping in gaudy jewelry. Where is the line drawn?


shalay said...

I often try to convince my husband, and myself, that I am not high maintenance. No siree, not me. But reading this has me realizing that I might be. I do NOT leave the house without makeup on, I don't go a day without washing my hair, and unless I'm just running to the store, I'm definitely spending more than 49 minutes getting ready. That's the time it takes me to shower! Ugh, the truth hurts.

Rosemarie said...

That girl, driving with 6 arms.. yeah, that's me! "OMG I forgot mascara", "Ewe this hair is totally out of place", "Ugh, is that a zit! Aahh!"

I definitely stress over the mirror's reflection (I guess that would be my face!) I feel like it has to look a certain way everyday, no matter where I'm going!

Make up at the gym? YES.. but just a little eye liner and mascara.

But I am that girl that never wears cover up or concealer.. no cake over here!

insomniaclolita said...

My latest post is pretty much about it, although shierter. I feel bad seeing the mirror all the times.

Cheryl said...

I tried cutting my Barbie doll's hair once didn't go so well, and so I don't think I'll attempt to cut my own hair.. ever.

Midtown Girl said...

my everyday makeup routine is eyeliner, gloss & some powder...i cut my own hair until i was 16 from then on went to a salon, its way too much maintenance to do myself(highlighting/razor layers??)..although i would save tons of money of i could!!

Brooke said...

I have actually been thinking a lot about this lately! Since I am a young lady who has had 2 more babies in the past 3 years, in addition to the one I had...with 2 more stepsons on top (5 in all)...I dont have time or money anymore to be super stylish...the cute figure is GONE and I was feeling pretty bad about myself. But after watching a documentary on beauty I heard that the #1 thing men are most attracted to and women are most jealous of is a look of just being healthy & young. So as I look at the women I think are most attractive, I realize that, if you took away the hot outfits and flawless makeup, they would be a pretty girl, with clear skin and shiny Im like wow...beyonce doesnt need all the glitz and glam! Because she looks HEALTHY & YOUNG, shes beautiful! and as I keep that in mind when I look around, the girls that are done up, just look like they are TRYING TOO HARD...and when I pay attention to my own habits, I put on the most makeup on the days Im feeling most insecure. So I can literally look around and tell who is truly beautiful and who is not by noticing how much of a beauty costume they have on...or if they just look clean, healthy, and well taken care of. try looking around! the ones that are so done up are so obviously the ones who are most insecure...and may even have reason to be?